Krÿstähl is the destination to learn the maths, science and art of ‘sustainability,' to create the music of ecological balance, for future generations to thrive without constraints.
Enable environmental security for next generations.
Be a Global Environment - Social - Governance (ESG) enabler, for sustainable development of the nations.
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Our innovativeness to solve critical sustainability challenges, enabled our presence on NASDAQ wall, New York, USA

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Krÿstähl (a JV of  Sanshodhan and GICE&SDGs) is your destination to learn the maths, science, art & economics of sustainability, to create the music of ecological balance- for future generations to thrive without constraints. 

Krÿstähl is globally recognised organisation, awarded by the World Economic Forum, Davos; won a Global SDG Award from Responsible Finance & Investment (RFI), United Kingdom and DDCAP, Abu Dhabi and Swacch Bharat Grand Challenge award from DIPP, Government of India. Krÿstähl’s innovativeness has attracted the attention of  world’s leading organisations, like NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center, Silicon Valley; Climate-KIC & Circular Conversations, Europe; GGKP; IISD; RECP-Net UNIDO, Europe and many others. Krÿstähl’s wing (Sanshodhan) is the only Indian company associated with apex working groups of the Basel-Rotterdam-Stockholm (BRS) Convention.

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The Krÿstähl Academy is established to bring the best-in-class training programs, keeping in mind the industry trends and Government regulations and the learning & development charter of various organisations.

Krÿstähl offers a special form of training  i.e. Consulting-based training programs to assist companies in addressing key sustainability issues without dependence on consultants, saving recurring expenditure.


Krÿstähl  is globally recognized Environment-Social-Governance (ESG) service organisation, and known for enabling cost-effective high impact positive sequel for sustainable growth.
Krystahl simplifies the preparation of ESG reports in the BRSR format for non-listed and listed companies. To create your ESG report in either the BRSR Lite or BRSR format, visit us at .


Krÿstähl advises the companies to prepare for international certifications, like – ISO14001, ISO 14005:2019 (EMS), ISO14064 (GHG Accounting), ISO14040:2006 (LCA & LCI) & ISO14044 (LCA), SA8000 (Social Audit), and more.

Krÿstähl advise businesses & organisations to achieve ‘Re-Circulate™®’, the Circular Economy Label. Krÿstähl also empowers the aristocratic organisations to implement ‘GreenX™®, The Eco-Leadership Standard, enabling them to achieve the ‘Eco-Leadership Certificate’.

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