ESG Assessment & Reporting

ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance. These three core pillars used to measure an organisation’s sustainability, social impact, and investment potential. Being ESG complaint can protects companies from reputational and regulatory risks.

The business responsibility and sustainability report (BRSR) in India is now a regulatory requirement for listed companies mandated by SEBI, India. With Krÿstähl as an advisory partner, clients can gain several benefits from ESG reporting, including:

Krÿstähl’s team of international experts has extensive experience in advising large businesses, banks, and investors on all aspects of ESG reporting. Connect with Krÿstähl for ESG Reporting in BRSR (including BRSR Core) and BRSR Lite format.

Climate Impact & Carbon Portfolio Management

The team had lead various National and International Climate Change Projects, like- Indian GreenHouse Gas Program (IGHGP); Low carbon development pathway for Telangana; Climate Plan for India; GHG Accounting, Carbon Neutrality and CDM projects for various industries and represented India at United Nations Framework for Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Krÿstähl’s team is well experienced on GHG Accounting, Carbon Neutrality, Carbon project development, CDM validation & verification. We offer 360-degree guidance for the development of Climate Change Portfolio, Carbon accounting, Market-ready Carbon Project Development for Carbon Credit Generation, CDM Validation and Verification, Carbon neutrality, VCS and related aspects.

Design & Development Of Digital Circular Economy Models

India has one of the highest potentials for Circular Economy in the world, with a projected valuation of approximately INR 150000 billion by 2030. Implementing a Circular Economy model can greatly decrease carbon emissions, in addition to its valuation benefits

Krÿstähl is a pioneer in designing digital circular models and digital standards for the electronic waste, plastic, textile and tyre sector. Krystahl’s innovation i.e. Digital-Circular Economy Model, has been recognised as Highly Commended- The Circulars 2019 by the World Economic Forum, Davos.

Krÿstähl has advised UN Organisations, Conglomerates and MNCs to establish digital-systems for achieving ‘Zero Waste’ and ‘Circular economy’ objectives, sustain the system across their offices throughout India, and simultaneously comply with policies. Our innovative, high impact models enable businesses to save ~40% of their investment, on waste management and policy compliance.

Climate-Neutral Film Production Houses, Media Channels and Fashion Sector

According to a 2006 UCLA study,  the U.S. film and television industry created 15 million tons of carbon dioxide annually. In 2020, Netflix alone had a carbon footprint of roughly 1 million metric tons.  Today, an average film with a budget of more than $70m, generates 2,840 tonnes of CO2, which is equivalent to traveling to the moon and back six times!!

The Indian Film and Entertainment Industry- being the second largest in world- is replete with inefficient resource management.

Krÿstähl’s GreenX™® The Eco-Leadership Standard is designed specifically to enable the transformation of film, media & entertainment channels, as well as the fashion industry. The broad framework of GreenX™® The Eco-Leadership Standard – when applied to client’s organisation, can result in climate neutral, circular, and sustainable growth of their organisation.

Advisory Services For Green Hotels, Green Fashion & Sports Events

The hotel industry’s commitment to ESG initiatives, is increasing, although it is still in its early stages. Rising energy costs, which have increased electricity costs by 10% since May 2021, are likely to accelerate the industry’s focus on sustainability. This is particularly evident given the shift in traveller preferences toward more sustainable tourism and green accommodations, as well as the growing demand for disclosure around climate risk.

Krÿstähl’s GreenX for Hotels, cover the entire spectrum of an organisation’s Environment- Social Governance (ESG) impact journey. Right from advisory services to certification assistance, Krÿstähl customises solutions as per the needs of hotel, to go climate friendly in no time.

CSR Projects : Implementation In Alignment With UN SDG 2030

Krÿstähl collaborate with listed companies, corporates and MNCs to  implement CSR, R&D and strategic development projects, aimed at contributing to the SDG2030.

We use established standards and tools to map the SDGs, develop client-specific strategic measures, set appropriate targets, and design measures best suited to achieving their CSR goals in alignment with global goals by 2030. This enables our partner organisations to achieve their ESG Reporting Goals, global corporate goals, as well as the local social development goals.

Often, such progressive CSR projects become pioneers and lay the groundwork for the next development plan.

Advisory Services For Recyclable Resource Management

Krÿstähl provides advisory services for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) compliance in the E-waste and Plastic sector. We provide consultative services to auto, tyre and textile sector to prepare for the future i.e. EPR compliance.

Krÿstähl is well recognised for its expertise in supporting the booming EV sector, which will soon require Li-Recycling. Krÿstähl is well positioned to support the  entrepreneurs/clients planning to setup an electronic waste/ plastic/ auto/ tyre/textile/ battery recycling facility in India.