Advisory Services For Certification

Krÿstähl advises the companies to prepare for international certifications, like – ISO14001, ISO 14005:2019 (EMS), ISO14064 (GHG Accounting), ISO14040:2006 (LCA & LCI) & ISO14044 (LCA), SA8000 (Social Audit), and more. 

Furthermore, Krÿstähl’s certification and award services help businesses and organizations comply with regulations, prepare for ESG assurance (BRSR Core), and gain international recognition.

Krÿstähl provides guidance to businesses for implementing ‘Re-Circulate™®’, The Circular Economy Label, for  “circular manufacturing units,” “circular offices,” “circular products,” and “circular supply chains.”  This circular economy label adds enormous value in certifying our customers’ adoption of the circular economy and strengthen their Annual Sustainability, and ESG /BRSR Report.

Krÿstähl also supports the aristocratic organisations to implement GreenX™®, The Eco-Leadership Standard, enabling them to achieve the ‘Eco-Leadership Certificate’, and the ‘GreenX™® Award’. GreenX™®Eco-Leadership certification creating a ripple effect, and allowing a transformation like, Eco-friendly & Carbon Neutral Film Production, Zero Carbon OTT & Media channels, Circular Fashion, and Circular Tourism & Hotel Sector.


The Circular Economy Label

Re-Circulate™® , The Circular Economy Standard and Certification system is lead by Krÿstähl, along wwith the International Alliance for Circular Economy and Sustainability (IAoCE&SDGs). Our experts from India, Europe and Australia, together with industry experts, designed and developed Re-Circulate™®, the first circular economy standard and certification system in India.
Re-Circulate™® is available for the following segments:

Circular Product

Circular Offices

Circular Manufacturing Units

OEMs & Circular Supply Chain


The Eco-Leadership Standard

The GreenXTM® Standard Guidelines, for Eco-Leadership Award & Certificate, is the proud product for aristocratic organisations. It’s led by the International Alliance for the Circular Economy & Sustainable Development Goals (IAoCE&SDG) and Krÿstähl

GreenX™® supports it’s clients to establish their Eco- Leadership, at national and international level. GreenX™® shall be owned by the: