Banks & Investors

Top 1000 listed companies mandated for BRSR (ESG) reporting, and businesses seeking impact loans or investments, are keen to showcase their positive Environment- Social- Governance (ESG) impact to Banks and Investors. On the other hand, banks are well prepared to implement the “ESG Impact Assessment System” for quick and environmentally responsible decision-making. Krÿstähl’s services are useful to investors and banks to satisfy these requirements.

Today, banks are well aware about the need of ESG impact assessment and due diligence, in  investment decision making. Stakeholders are also aware about the fragility of nature, and in many countries, they demanded divestment from non-green projects and polluting businesses.

The World Economic Forum interviewed startup founders from the Forum’s Global Innovators and Technology Pioneers communities. The overwhelming majority of surveyed startups (68%) integrated ESG into their business strategy before most even had a viable product, complete C-suite, or office space. Investing with the ESG philosophy is the best way for the businesses to build strong brand value. ESG compliance, enables positive branding and attracts investment.

Given the impact of COVID-19 on global economies, investors are recognizing the need to consider ESG strategies as a more sustainable investing. Listed startups and new business seeking loans, are already applying ESG strategies in their business. ESG criteria is becoming increasingly important for investors, and better compliance and social harmony make funding for green businesses quick and seamless.

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