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About Krÿstähl

Krÿstähl (a JV of  Sanshodhan and GICE&SDGs) is your destination to learn the maths, science, art & economics of sustainability, to create the music of ecological balance- for future generations to thrive without constraints. 

Krÿstähl is globally recognised organisation, awarded by the World Economic Forum, Davos; won a Global SDG Award from Responsible Finance & Investment (RFI), United Kingdom and DDCAP, Abu Dhabi and Swacch Bharat Grand Challenge award from DIPP, Government of India. Krÿstähl’s innovativeness has attracted the attention of  world’s leading organisations, like NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center, Silicon Valley; Climate-KIC & Circular Conversations, Europe; GGKP; IISD; RECP-Net UNIDO, Europe and many others. Krÿstähl’s wing (Sanshodhan) is the only Indian company associated with apex working groups of the Basel-Rotterdam-Stockholm (BRS) Convention.

Krÿstähl provides capacity building and advisory services, and assists organisations to address key sustainability issues, prepare effective action plans, and enable the implementation of environmental, climate and sustainability strategies.  Our products and services cover the entire gamut of ESG related consulting programs, certifications, training programs and related services.


Enable environmental security for next generations.


Be a Global Environment – Social – Governance (ESG) enabler, for sustainable development of the nations.


At Krÿstähl, we take pride in our DNA that is driven by our people and the values that they exhibit. Our DNA forms the very fabric that runs within the organization. We ensure that our organization functions in alignment with UN SDG2030 while embracing diversity and serving the business and society.

We do this through our core DNA of:

  • Excellence: We aspire for it in everything that we undertake and deliver nothing short of it.
  • Performance Oriented: Constantly focus on performance that is best to our abilities- setting outperformance as a goal every time.
  • Transparency: Being honest and open in our actions, decisions and communications with all our stakeholders.
  • Reliability: We are dependable; not just for our services and delivery; but also for our stakeholder relationships.
  • Integrity: We ensure the highest moral principles and professional standards. We act in a fair and honest way, complying with all laws and regulations- in the space that we operate.

According to United Nations (UN), Sustainable development requires an integrated approach that takes into consideration environmental concerns along with economic development. On same guidelines, Krÿstähl’s key areas of services are ESG Blueprint design & development, ESG Impact Assessment & Reporting, GHG Accounting for strategizing carbon neutrality, CSR & Social development, Social Audit, Digital-circular economy models, SDG mapping, Sustainability Standards & Certification and Sustainable finance.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Krÿstähl is India’s pioneering organisation on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Impact Assessment, Due Diligence and Reporting; Greenhouse Gas Accounting, Circular Economy, Certifications and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

We partner with organisations to step-up their know-how about ESG-Business Responsibility and Sustainability (BRSR) Reporting and BRSR Lite.

 With several recognitions and awards in environment and sustainability domain, Krÿstähl enables businesses and organizations to understand the climate impact on their business, waste management related challenges, ESG assessment and the benefits.

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